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People in this country have seen homeownership as part of the American Dream. Whether they were born here or not, they wanted to own a piece of America to call their own.  With so many changes over the last few years, it is fair to ask if people in America still feel the same way about owning a home. The answer was made abundantly clear in two separate reports released earlier this month.

In their market trends reportTrulia revealed that:

“After two years of no change, the share of Americans who say that homeownership is part of their personal “American Dream” ticked up from 72 percent to 73 percent of Americans.”

At the same time, the National Association of Realtors released their report:

“For both homeowners and non-homeowners alike, homeownership is strongly considered a part of the American Dream. For non-owners, roughly 75 percent reported that homeownership is part of their American Dream. For owners, nine in 10 believe it is part of their American Dream.”

Bottom Line

The belief among the  majority of Americans, whether they rent or own, is that purchasing a home is a major step toward accomplishing the American Dream.

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