I do real estate because I have a passion for helping others sell their homes or buy the home they never imagined they could possibly own.  At the same time, the monetary reward can be pretty decent.  Not to mention the new friends I make along the way.  So it is a win win situation for all involved.


                                                                       win win

Real Estate is not easy by no means.  There are times when deals go wrong that I question why I do it.   It does happen that something will cause a home not to close.  Example: Title Issues which I am working on now.  If it can be cleared up we will close.  If not, it definitely will not.  No one likes to lose one, but there is no magical moment where I can guarantee they all will close.  No one likes to work for a month to find out there are problems.  Working with a great title company is key to things of this nature.  Being on the same page with other agents involved helps tremendously.  All involved are just holding our breath  at this point.  

                                                               Holding my breath

So when I look at my Why, I have to be satisfied that I gave it my all.  I did everything in my power to protect my clients and be satisfied with the outcome. I refuse to let lifes' disappointments get in my way of success.  


                                                              YOUR EAST TN REALTOR

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