Behind the Scenes

Before becoming a realtor, I like many others, believed that realtors made a lot of money with not much effort.

I would like to enlighten you.  Now that I am here in this position, I know much better.

There is a lot of work involved with getting a deal to go through.  I negotiate the deal for you of course.

First the offer is written up.  This is where we begin.  Loans are usually involved so we have to work with lenders.  The lenders tell us what you can do and can't. We work with them closely to make sure the deal will go thru.  These are numerous calls back and forth between me , the lender and my client.  Also usually there is another realtor as the list agent involved and they also have to be informed and have the seller to agree.

Once accepted, there are forms that have to be faxed back and forth with the appropriate signatures.   We also have to work with a Title company so we can assure you that title to the property is free and clear.  All documents go to them as well.

Now it is time to do a final walk thru of the property.  Just to make sure that your home is in the same condition as when you first put your offer in.  We sign off on that and we are on our way to the closing table.

This where you will receive your keys to your new home, providing all documents are signed and in place.  I go with my clients in case there are any discrepencies in anything that we have done. Questions always arise here and I want to make sure that you fully understand what you are paying for the home or receiving if I am the List agent in the case.

So you see that we use a lot of gasoline in all the ventures of showing you property, getting docs signed, walking thru and closing.  And if I am the lsit agent , keep in mind that there are many many hours put into advertising your property not to mention the expense of ads.

This is where I had to rethink my position.  I learned a valuable lesson.  I still love real estate, but a lot of times people think we work very little.  Just to let you know there is more Behind the Scenes, than I have even shared here.

Now that you see that I do work for a living,  give me a call to negotiate your next purchase or to Sell you home. 423 258 4830