I spent this weekend honoring my family members that have left this life here on earth. The tradition which will be carried on as long as my husband and I are able. Sisters and in laws.

This list consists of moms and dads, A son, Grandparents, brothers and sisters aunts uncles and cousins.  The visit has been shortened to a few cememtaries because of time or the fact that I am not able to climb mountains any more to reach some, but they are also in my thoughts and prayers.

I come from a big family myself. A family of 10 plus mom and dad.  Only 5 remaining on my side of the family.  Several in laws as well.  A close family we were.

 As time goes on, the younger generation has no interest in visiting the cemetaries.  A choice was made for the ramainder of my family for perpetual care on our behalf.  I will be assured that my family will be taken care of whether anyone visits or not.

It is one day that we take out of the year to be together once again if only for a day.  Here are a few pics of our venture this weekend.  Only a couple of the cemetaries that we visited.  There were 4 but pics from only 2.

My son Buzz Jr                  brother and sisters

Cemetary We certainly enjoyed the day by visiting not only the ones gone on but those who are not able to get out with us and go.  Love the Family

                                                                             Rose Mary Justice