Real Estate Information-The Buyers Side

If you need real estate information, you have arrived in the right place.  We try to keep our clients informed about every aspect of real estate.  We will be happy to share our knowledge by phone or email at any time.  You have access to our cell numbers.  This means that you can reach us when it is convenient for you.

There is s lpt to getting a home closed.   First you look around on the internet.  Then you may make that call to see a home.  So showings  have to be scheduled.  After looking around in person, you find one that you want to make an offer on.  The offer is submitted.  Negotions now begin.  There may be paperwork back and forth.  Now the offer is accepted.  

  Well now there are inspections to be done.  Home inspections and termite inspections. Appraisals we wait for and hope this home appraises before we can go any further.

If there is a loan involved, then all paperwork has to go in to the lender.  We work closely to get him or her all documents required in a timely manner.  Now the anticipation is over.  The loan has been approved and the appraisal has come back good. (There are other scenerios where all is not well and much more work goes into getting the deal worked out)

Now we send it to the title people and work closely with them to get the title cleared and the deeds made so you will have a clear title.  Now we have a closing date and we do the final walkthru. 

The big day has arrived and we are by your side at the closing office to sign your final paper work and take possession of your new home.

I know you are excited about home ownership, so why not let us help you thru the process.  I can tell you that you will be informed along the way.

Your dependable real estate team-The  Justice Team-Cindy and Rose Mary 423-258-4830 or 865-202-2240