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       Tips for Sellers........Sell or No Sale                                     

Selling your property is not rocket science. The hardest part is to take out your emotions from the process and treat it as the business venture. . Hiring the right Realtor® is the first step. You want a Realtor® who will be your trusted advisor, who will always look out for your best interests, and who will help you make good decisions. Someone who will tell it to you like it is, rather than tell you what they think you want to hear. Only with the correct  information (whether you like it or not), can you make the right decisions for you as a home Seller.
Your Realtor® will guide you through the complicated process of properly staging your home for sale, making sure you are not spending money on the things that will not give you a return on your investment, and  determining how to get money back for every $1 spent on your preparations.
Your Realtor® will assist you in the proper position of your home in the marketplace, assuring that it sells quickly and doesn't linger on the market. This is the only way to assure that you are receiving the most that the market will allow.
Your Realtor® will explain the Pros and Cons of the offers you receive, so that you can decide on which one is best for you. And then your agent will successfully lead you to the closing table.
But all of the decisions that will help you achieve your goals are ultimately Yours. Your Realtor® brings you their knowledge and experience from selling homes day in and day out. Their advice can be welcomed or disregarded. Whether you decide to keep the 1970's wallpaper because you believe that it's coming back in style or to remove it and paint a neutral color, that is ultimately up to You. While your agent may show you the data that says your home should sell at a certain price, if you decide to Overprice it, because you "need some room to negotiate," the decision is Yours.
However, in the end, you must understand that there is a Rright  Way to Sell Your Home and a Wrong way. Only the Right way will lead to a successful sale, where you get to the closing table within your time, and you get there with the fewest bumps in the road. Also you Receive the Most MONEY possible.
Think of your Realtor® as your own personal Fairy.
And always remember that when it comes to selling your home,

Sell or No Sale……..It’s up to You.