Snowing Tonight

How will this affect my work schedule?  Well that depends on how much we get.

 I do have a closing and this will have to happen because it is scheduled and both parties are anxious to close. It is early too, 9 A.M.

I am like the postman.  If it is scheduled I have to be there. I am hoping though that it doesn't get real bad out tonight.  Luckily for me I have a good driver designated with a 4 wheel drive on the days I need him.  I volunteer him from time to time. He doesn't mind either as he worries if I am on the road alone.

The rest of the day, I can catch up on mailings and paper work.  I have an accepted offer verbally and the paper work will begin tomorrow evening when all docs are signed.

So always something to do whether the weather is good or bad in real estate.  I will keep on keeping on.