Why Hire an Agent?

Is it to your advantage to hire a realtor to look out for your best interest?  I would have to say yes.

Here are some reasons why it is in your best interest.  Let's say you are buying a home.  You are ready to purchase and need to know where to look for  your new home.

First of all find an agent that you are comfortable with, one that you can reach if you have questions, one that you know will go the extra mile for you.This agent will take care of you all the way to the closing table.  They will explain every aspect of the real estate process with you and keep you informed as to what direction  your purchase has taken.

This is the process:

Go online and find the website that is informative and easy to use.  Get to know your realtor by reading their blogs and watching videos.  Search for your home. Contact the realtor or register so the realtor can contact you.

We work with lenders to get you prequalified first.  This lets us know that you are indeed a qualified buyer and what price range to look in for your next new home.

Now you have found a few houses to look at so the realtor will show you the ones of interest. So you go look and find one that you love.

Next the offer has to be written.  All documents are signed and sent in to the sellers agent.

We may need to counter a time or two before the offer is accepted.  Now that the offer is accepted, the work has just begun.

There will be inspections required and we schedule those for you.  We sometimes have to go let the inspectors in or  the appraisaers.

After all the reports are in you will be notified as to what each one says.

If all is in order and no further work has to be done, then we will proceed. But if work has to be done, then we work with the seller to get it taken care of.

We get all documents to you lender and talk to them periodically to know what is going on with your process.

We send all documents to the title company to get the closing scheduled.  Then we go to the closing table with you where we will make sure that you understand everything about the documents that you will be signing.ts done and you are the new owner of a home that you love. 

Did you ever think of all the work that a realtor has to put into getting you to the closing table?  I bet is you had no idea.

Now this is also at no cost to you, since the seller is paying the commission that has been predetermined when listing the home.

A lot of work goes into each sale and the buyer I know will respect the realtor after every thing is said and done. What a great deal for the buyer.

Now call us to day to get started in your search.  You know you can count on  a great quality real estate team to takevery good  care  of you.

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