Honoring our Veterans Today

Today is Veterans Day and a Day to HONOR all Vets.  We all probably have vets in our family, have friends that are Vets, a neighbor maybe.  Today is the Day to make an effort to let them know that we appreciate what they have sacrificed for our Freedom.

I attended a Great Ceremony last night at the Expo Center.  It was a moving expereinece.  There was  a missing man ceremony that honored our MIA's and those who Gave All for us to enjoy our freedom.

Each war was represeted by a vehicle with their members either riding or marching behind. Iwas truly honored that my husband was able to walk along with fellow Viet Nam Vets thru this event. 

There was a band furnishedfor the first hour playing country music.  There was free Food and drinks.

Our schools participated: Newport ROTC performed both armed and unarmed drills.  I was in Awe at their ability.

2 schools came together, played together and performed magically.  Both East and West Morristown.

Boyscout troops and many others participated in this event.

Our representative MC'd some of the event, most importantly where there were prizes given to 9 Vets from a drawing.  From $500 gift cards, a diamond necklace, $1000 and a whopping $5000 given to a young Vet. 

Altogether it was an experience of a lifetime for me.  I loved every minute of it I certainly hope we will be around for next years ceremony.


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