So now you have been thinking of buying a home for a while now. What is the real reason you are putting it off?

                                   IT MAY BE TIME TO GET OFF THE FENCE TO GET INTO A HOME

                                                    Get off the fence and buy a home

I will address some fears of Buyers Below and we should be able to overcome them all.  (2 heads are better than 1)

1. Don't know if we qualify!   Answer" Let us talk with a lender to see what he says.

2. My credit score has tanked.   Answer:  Where are you looking at your score? A mortgage is different that Credit Karma etc.   A mortgage company will pull your credit.  There are 3 scores available.  The middle score is what they use. So if it is not where you need it to be then the lenders I work with will tell you how to fix scores or issues for FREE.

3. I had a bankrupcy or a foreclosure 8 years ago.  Answer. Then you may still qualify as long as it has been out at least 3 years.

4. I don't have much  down payment money.  Answer:  We have some No Money Down Loans Available or as little as 3.5 down.  

5. How much of a house can I Buy?  Answer: The lender determines the amount you can spend on a home. He factors in How Much Income you have coming in Verses How much Debt you have.  

6. I am just afraid to start the process.  Answer:  Your Realtor and Lender  will guide you through the process.  They will be by your side through the whole process.  They answer any concerns you may have now or into the process.

Now the time is Here.  No more Excuses.  Your Trusted Realtor, Rose Mary Justice is willing to work hard on your behalf To get you into a home.   Call Now  423 258 4830


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