Depersonalize Your Home

Your house is lovely for how you live in it, but buyers don’t want to see you in your house. In fact, the more your house makes it harder to guess who lives there , the better. Take down personal photos, religious emblems, the cute collection of mini ceramic dolls, etc. Analyze your things for whether it’s morally, politically, or otherwise socially objectionable and remove all of it. You don’t want to eliminate buyers because they are turned off by your personal tastes. You can put these Things in storage for your next home.



While you are depersonalizing it’s also a good time to declutter as the two go hand in hand. The old saying Less is More, rings True in this Case.Keep thing Simple so buyers can see the home for what it is and imagine themselves in it. When you have too much stuff cluttering walls and counters and shelves, buyers See things and sometimes assume that if you are cluttery, then you are disorganized, which means maybe you don’t take care of the house as well or as on time as you should. A good rule of thumb is to box up or store at least half of the smaller items displayed in your home. 

For example, how much is on your kitchen counter right now? Now imagine reducing that number to just three things. What would you choose to keep versus store? Some sellers benefit by going to other open houses in their area and looking at how other people have decluttered and arranged what is left. Look at Online pictures, this can help too. Often you can get some good ideas on what works  just by seeing how others do it. When you are all done decluttering, Give your home a Deep Cleaning, because buyers notice dirt and grime. Hire a Cleaning service if you have to. 

Make The Buyer Take Notice

The outside of your home is as important as the inside, especially the front entry area. Before Listing, take care of simple yard maintenance such as mowing, edging and weeding flower beds. A fresh layer of mulch adds color especially in winter months when not much is blooming. At your front door, clean off spider webs, blow leaves, and place something colorful at your entry.

Check Off Your Honey-Do List

While you have the yard power tools out, dust of your workbench and take a walk around your house inside and out. Make a list of all maintenance issues such as wiggly door handles, missing fascia, paint that has chipped, etc. and repair them before listing the home. Buyers see even the smallest of maintenance issues as a flag of the condition of larger items such as roofs, plumbing and major appliances and assume you haven’t taken care of the home. You might talk to your realtor about a pre-inspection to deal with all home maintenance and problems upfront, before you get into contract with a buyer. This will improve your chances of no surprises when a home inspection is done by the Buyer.

For Your Protection

Once you have taken the above steps and you are ready for Buyers to View your house, there’s one last thing to plan. Protect your valuables and identity. It might be rare, but criminals do use Viewings as a way to case a house or to find valuables or to steal identities. Make sure indoor safes are locked and hidden. Store heirlooms, checkbooks, prescriptions, and valuable jewelry out of sight. Utilize a reliable, trustworthy, identity theft protection service to see you through the entire listing and sales process. Your Realtor should pre Qualify their buyers which will eliminate the Tire Kickers.

Hope this will help in understanding how to Get Your Home Sold-By Rose. I will be by your side answering any Questions you might have along the way.

Rose Mary Justice Realtor