Real Estate is a gift that Cindy has been blessed with.  She can handle any situation that arises.  If she doesn't know the answer that you are looking for, she will research till she finds it.

There is much more involved than I had ever expected.  The Process:

Sending the buyier homes to view.  Setting you up in our system to receive listings that fit your criteria

Answering questions about the properties, then scheduling homes to be viewed with other agents. Then meeting you at your convenience to those homes chosen.

Making sure that your financing is in place.  There has to be  a prequalification letter in place or proof of funds if paying cash, when making an offer.

Once you find your home the negotiations begin.  There are contracts to be written and signed.  You offer,  and usually there are counters back and forth.  Then if accepted, more paper work to be done. Inspections to be scheduled. Contracts sent to the Title Company for a Title Search.  Appraisals have to be done and all reports in before the lender ok's the deal

If the appraiser requires something to be done, we see that it is done in a timely manner by either the seller or buyer.  After all this is done and ok'd we are now ready to close..

We meet at the Title Company for closing.  This is the day we have all waited for.  You sign your paper work and take possession of your new home at Closing

I hope this process explanation will make it a little easier for you,  the buyer. There are many long hours spent making all the arrangements for the purchase of your new home. This  is what we do each and every day.  We make sure that our clinets are well taken care of.

Now we hope that you will choose us when you are ready to purchase your new home. Give us a call and let's get started.