In a couple days we will most likely sit around a table and give Thanks again for another year of life with our family and friends. Our family has been blessed beyond measure and I hope you can say the same.

That does not mean that we have not had some life's happenings but are certainly Thankful for the wisdom to overcome some challenges,.

Thankful for my health-Not great but at least I can still maneuver around in spite of a bad back.

Thankful I can still Speak to communicate with others.

Thankful I can still feel sympathy for my friends and neighbors.

Thankful I can walk touch and feel. Even if it is painful at times.

Thankful for my Children.  My son has passed from this life. But I have a promise of seeing him again. My daughter is an Broker of our Company-Synergy Realty Pros, and I am so proud of the instructor and leader she is becoming.

Thankful for my husband of 49 years.  Where would I be if not for him.

Thankful most of all for the Grace and Mercy from our Creator.

As I write this my sister is in the hospital. With her diagnosis, most likely she will not be with us next Thanksgiving Day. But who knows maybe I won't either.  We none have a promise of tomorrow.  Just live your life as if it were your last with peace and joy in your heart.    Happy Thanksgiving my friends

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